Writing better board papers

Succinct, complete and accurate board papers are essential to good governance.


This course focuses on the special requirements of writing reports and papers for boards of directors. It helps writers to produce documents that are complete, concise, well-written and persuasive.

It is a one-day workshop, but can be run over two half days to suit busy senior staff. It includes individual document assessments if required. We can blend face-to-face and online learning, and develop pre- and post-course activities for trainees to support the learning, if you require it.


Staff who need to write papers and reports for your board of directors. 


So that writers will be able to:

  • use effective processes to generate and review board papers and reports
  • use your organisation’s board paper and report templates effectively
  • select, structure and order content well
  • write persuasively and concisely
  • help the board make sound, well-informed decisions.

They said it...

Lynne mixed some specific direction from the organisation’s board and executive, with plenty of her own skill. I found the training on preparation and revision particularly useful.

Trevor Starr, Manager, Parking and Enforcement, Auckland Transport

The course gave me some great tools to improve my own papers, and to review my team’s papers better. It was tailored to my organisation, and Lynne had clearly made a real effort to understand our business.

Andy Finch, Manager, Strategic Asset Management and Systems, Auckland Transport