Plain language in practice

Plain language builds a bridge between those who have information and those who need it.


The course gives writers the tools and the confidence to use plain language in their communications. It describes the role of plain language in creating clear, reader-friendly documents – no matter how complex the subject matter. Writers will learn how to apply plain language principles to word choice, sentence and document structure, and layout.

This course can be a full-day or half-day session.


Professional staff who are subject matter experts, and who need to be able communicate clearly with non-specialist readers.


So that writers will be able to:

  • understand and apply plain language principles to their work
  • craft clear, concise documents that meet readers’ needs.
  • use a range of tools and techniques to explain complex and technical content simply.

They said it...

I’ve had a lot of feedback from the team that you have given them practical guidance on how to write more clearly. I am grateful for how much work you have put into understanding our business and the complex subject we are dealing with.

Raewyn Catlow, Team Leader, Unitary Plan, Auckland Council