Corresponding with customers

Your reputation, brand and customer relationships are on the line every time correspondence goes out from your organisation.


This course trains writers how to craft effective emails, letters and other correspondence to customers. It includes responding to queries and complaints, and compiling clear instructions and other communications for internal or external customers.

This can be a half-day or one-day course, depending on your needs. We do individual assessments if required. We can also develop a course that blends face-to-face workshops with e-learning, on your learning management system or ours.

We customise this course for your particular correspondence and area of business, using your own examples. We can also work with you to develop pro forma letters or emails, or blocks of text that staff can integrate into their correspondence.

We have particular expertise in this area. We can help you get it right.


Staff who write letters and emails on behalf of your organisation, or who prepare correspondence for senior managers or elected members.


So that writers will be able to:

  • craft clear, plain language correspondence that achieves the best result for you and your customers, community members and constituents
  • use effective layouts
  • incorporate any ‘form’ text smoothly and effectively
  • use the correct tone
  • manage difficult correspondence.

They said it...

The training was outstanding and helped us improve the quality of correspondence to our customers in terms of tone, structure, terminology and information.

Jodie Barclay, Change Lead Support, Customer Services, Auckland Council

Laracy Communications gave us excellent service by providing customised training for our customer services staff. The trainer worked hard to give them confidence in their writing and helped them write to our customers concisely and clearly and in a way that reflects well on our brand.

Rolf Hilke, Managing Director, Red Seal Natural Health Limited