Document reviewing for people leaders

Turning out great documents takes team work.


This course trains team leaders and managers how to review their own and others’ writing. We draw on our years of experience as editors and managers to provide a toolkit for effectively editing and revising organisational documents. This course is critical for improving writing standards throughout an organisation. It also ensures staff who attend our writing training courses are well-supported back at the coalface.

We will work out the best duration and delivery method for this course with you, to suit the schedules of busy managers. We can develop a course that blends face-to-face workshops with online learning, on your learning management system or ours.


Anyone who commissions, reviews or approves organisational documents. This course attracts managers who want to:

  • improve their reviewing practices to support what staff are learning during writing training
  • align with their organisation’s writing standards
  • have a refresher on up-to-date workplace writing practices.

It is also commonly used by writers who have done one of our other workshops and want to further refine their skills.


So that reviewers will be able to:

  • review their own and others’ documents effectively
  • understand the roles of everyone involved in generating organisational documents
  • uphold the organisation’s requirements and agreed standards for documents
  • have a common view with writers and other managers of what good writing is
  • work with writers to produce high-quality documents.