Learning to write well takes time but is well worth the effort.

To help you to write well at work, here’s a selection of articles, tips, clips and podcasts.


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  • Four tips for effective writing

    Here’s four tips to keep in mind when writing any workplace document.

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  • Why plain language matters

    Plain language communications explain even the most complex ideas in ways that readers can understand. They are pitched at the right level for their intended audience. They are better for writers, better for readers and better for business.

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  • Working with subject matter experts

    Read Lynne Laracy’s article, first published in the Southern Communicator, on how to produce large organisational documents without killing each other.

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Here are some YouTube and Vimeo clips we love.

 On grammar 

 Check out this wonderful animated lesson on nominalisations (turning verbs into nouns and making your writing very dull).

On clear communication 

The right to understand

This is a great TED Talk on why plain language matters. It’s by Sandra Fisher-Martins from the plain language organisation, Portuguese Claro. It’s in Portuguese, but it’s well worth reading the subtitles.

Let's simplify legal jargon!

This TED Talk is from Alan Siegel. It discusses how governments and businesses communicate (or don’t) with their citizens and clients.

On how language changes and adapts

English 3.0

This excellent, well-balanced documentary by Joe Gilbert features interviews with well-known and respected linguists and authors on how the internet and social media are affecting the language. None of them believe the language is going to the digital dogs - but see a whole new way of communicating that enriches, not impoverishes the language. It is 20 minutes long, but worth the time.


Writing good executive summaries and recommendations

Listen to a podcast about writing good executive summaries and recommendations in board papers from our affiliate Mary Morel. This podcast is on the Governance Institute of Australia website. 

Write so your readers see what you see

An inspiring interview with Steven Pinker, author and Harvard professor specialising in language and the mind. He discusses why good people write bad documents - and how to avoid it. An essential premise of good writing is that the writer and the reader are equals. The reader should be able to see what the writer sees. "Good writing earns trust," he says. It's 20 minutes long - so give yourself time to enjoy it.