Writing effective emails

Clear, well-written emails save time, money and professional relationships.


This course shows you how to write emails that are easy to read and that prompt the action you want. You will learn how to write compelling subject lines that get your emails opened. And you will learn how to structure, order and word your emails so they are quickly read and understood.


This fun and informative module will take you between 45 minutes and one hour to complete. We step you through what we think are the seven key features of effective emails. We also give you some tips on managing your emails.

The course is interactive so you can practice what you learn in each section. You work at your own pace, and can repeat any sections you want to. We provide you with a checklist so you can check that all your future emails are on track.


This course is for everyone who writes emails at work. We think that's pretty well all of us! Even if you've been writing emails for years, we can help you do it better, faster and more effectively.


So that you will be able to:

  • get your emails opened
  • structure and order them for quick reading and easy understanding
  • prompt action from your readers
  • use the right words to get your meaning across
  • revise your emails so they are correct and clear.

How much?

NZ$199, inclusive of GST.

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